What complaints do you have?


Please do not diagnose yourself as soon as you feel some symptoms. Doctor learnt how to differentiate the disease for a good ten years.

So start with the simple. Find out what is bothering you. Rational to begin with complaints, with the fact that you are really worried. Let’s say you feel pain. This is a rational appeal. Typically, patients tend to falsely detailing complaints that may mislead the doctor. Pain in the lower back rarely bothers patients, usually they are concerned about the pain in the right kidney … This person handles huge bunch of information on kidney disease, begins to heal himself, or looking for a doctor who will cure his kidney. In some cases he finds  a doctor, who helps. And the next time that person do the same way. It looks rational. But. In this particular case person’s kidney wasn’t ill. It was nerve entrapment in the lumbar spine. After walking to doctors, drinking Nefrofit, the man felt better, because, as a rule, neuralgia cured after a while without any involvement, and more, that person also used warming scarf tying the affected area, kept it away from drafts, what does not harmful in the treatment of condition that he actually has. In that example our person used Nefrofit, wich is not harmful, but usually people use antibiotics when they feel “pain in the kidney”, what is not useful.

Please start with the simple. For example, pain in this area. To make a diagnosis, you need to collect all the complaints that you have, but don’t start with excluding diagnoses, because you don’t have some symptoms.