Many of us in the course of life had to experience chest pain. What a thought occurs first?

– It hurts the heart.

The second thought?

– I’m going to die …

Let’s try to understand from the beginning. If you’re having chest pain, you need to understand which of the many chest organs signaled for help.

  1. The first thing to do – relax and unwind. The fact that you are tense, will not help you.
  2. Try to take the normal position of the body. Remove the legs from the table, straighten the back. Make several movements:
  • take a deep breath
  • shook from side to side
  • lean forward and back

3. Touch your chest, try to find the most painful point, that become more painful, when you’re pressing.

If pain intensity changes, you probably will not die soon. Because you do not have pain in  the heart, but in some of the chest nerves. First aid for this – to upright, sit and walk as taught in childhood – right. If pain persists, help painkillers, rubbing ointments(Finalgon) or those which are containing anti-inflammatory agents (Diklak) and a visit to a neurologist, who may refer you to a consultation with a spine surgery.

If you have a sharp-burning occurred, baking pain in the heart (center of sternum), which does not change with a change in body position, may radiate to (give) to left hand under the shoulder blade in the head, relax and calmly call the ambulance with suspected myocardial infarction. The most important thing is for you not to worry and get professional help as soon as possible. With the current development of thrombolytic therapy, if you are in seek skilled care, the prognosis for life and the disease is very favorable.

If, however, the pain does not meet the conditions described above, measure blood pressure. Pain in the heart characteristic of hypertension and its control, normalization of blood pressure relieves chest pain.

The unpleasant sensations in the heart may be characteristic of cardiac arrhythmias.

If the pain in the heart accompanied by cyanosis (pale skin with a bluish tint), a feeling of lack of air, then we can talk about spontaneous prevmotorakse, a condition that requires immediate professional medical care.

If you suffer from gastritis, the pain in the chest may indicate its manifestation – heartburn or other reason – gastroesophageal reflux disease.

Also, the cause of chest discomfort may be psychological factors, be a manifestation of a panic attack and other forms of anxiety disorders.

Even so, if you have not found the most suitable explanation physician will find it for you. The first one to have to go with chest pain – the therapist.

If by chest pain do you mean pain in the breasts – the surgeon or mammalogist.

Obviously also have pain in the chest due to injury of the chest.